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Natural Born Chillers 2 (2009)
[ ] 21.04.2009, 04:11

01 Hibernation - Hibernation
02 Bluetech - Prayers for Rain
(Ott remix)
03 3 Wise Monkeys - It's Gonna Rain
04 Majan - Explore It
05 Tau Kita - Flying in the Rain
06 Interlaced - Insologic
07 Agalactia with Midival Punditz
08 Midival Punditz - Vande Maataram
(Electro Indian mix)
09 Outersect - Kali Ma
10 Pi - Numb
11 Eitan Reiter - Coffee

Rls Notes

The second chapter of the Natural Born Chillers
series took a long time to construct. DJ Shahar &
Shulman carefully picked the best tracks in order
to bring you again a musical genre-breaking story
that journeys through different musical
landscapes and geographical territories. Expect
hypnotic rhythms, dubby moves, psychedelic
adventures and refreshing sounds with ventures
into different corners of our globe and into
other dimensions. Once again we invite you to
come and give your mind the chance to chill out
relax, and project itself to other realms and
mental soundscapes with deep powerful emotions
and cutting edge sounds. Come chill with us - Be
a Natural!



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